How Do I Build A Bike Rack for My Garage?

If you have purchased a bike and then a helmet already, here is the next thing you need to think about: A bike rack for the garage to store your bike.

You can’t assure that your bike will be secured and durable if you leave it outside of the house, by the fence. The exposure of weather such as raining, UV rays, hot weather could make your bikes rusty and the components falling apart. Hence, you don’t want your $1,000 bike to be looted by theft.

So now, in this article, I will make some notes that maybe can help you to build a bike rack for your garage.

How To Start Building A Bike Rack for The Garage?

Find a place to store your bikes

The Grass Racks garage bike rack
The Grass Racks garage bike rack

As I will focus on the bicycle rack in the garage, it doesn’t mean you can’t rest your bike by the fence or outside the house. Putting your favorite gear in the house/garage is just much safer in general.

Check the space for storage

You will have to make sure the rack saves the space of your garage or apartment because you don’t want to struggle to move your things over for just a bike rack. Some most popular styles of the rack should be the vertical allowance one, the rack that can hang the wheel perpendicularly to the wall. I will bring it out to compare later in the blog.

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