How Do I Build A Bike Rack for My Garage?

If you have purchased a bike and then a helmet already, here is the next thing you need to think about: A bike rack for the garage to store your bike.

You can’t assure that your bike will be secured and durable if you leave it outside of the house, by the fence. The exposure of weather such as raining, UV rays, hot weather could make your bikes rusty and the components falling apart. Hence, you don’t want your $1,000 bike to be looted by theft.

So now, in this article, I will make some notes that maybe can help you to build a bike rack for your garage.

How To Start Building A Bike Rack for The Garage?

Find a place to store your bikes

The Grass Racks garage bike rack
The Grass Racks garage bike rack

As I will focus on the bicycle rack in the garage, it doesn’t mean you can’t rest your bike by the fence or outside the house. Putting your favorite gear in the house/garage is just much safer in general.

Check the space for storage

You will have to make sure the rack saves the space of your garage or apartment because you don’t want to struggle to move your things over for just a bike rack. Some most popular styles of the rack should be the vertical allowance one, the rack that can hang the wheel perpendicularly to the wall. I will bring it out to compare later in the blog.

On the other hand, if the ceiling of your garage is high enough, you might want to consider the option of a wall mount rack. By setting this rack, your bike could be hanged higher and it won’t even take your car’s space for example.

If you have 3-4 bikes for your whole family, you can consider the vertical rack that inclines to the wall or standing mounts can be good options.

Consider about the weight

If you can store the bike to the rack that leans against the wall, you won’t have to worry about the weight. But if you have a small house or garage, and you need to store the bike on the rack hanging on the wall, you will have to consider the weight of the bikes when deciding to build a bike rack. You don’t want to see your bike crash down because of the endurances of the rack.

Consider the garage’s look & Wall/floor assurance

What are the best garage bike rack brands
What are the best garage bike rack brands

You don’t want to see your garage or living room getting dirty and greasy during winter just because of the rack bike. The consideration you have to make now is whether you want to choose plastic, steel, or wood material for the rack and whether you want a floor stands, freestanding racks or wall mount. Each of these types of storage rack will be suitable for different purposes and places you arrange the storage.

Choose types of bike racks

This step will be a little bit tricky and take most of the time to consider. However, luckily, we have some different options to choose from, and I would pick some reference for your best ideas about the racks.


Emoly Upgraded Bike Kickstand

This kind of bike rack is superb small and convenient so that your garage would appreciate this basic choice. This kickstand rack reduces the weight and is super helpful when you need to relocate your bike around in the garage.

The Emoly kickstand is a good, affordable idea for your easy to use the bike rack. Comfortable and suitable for a wide range of bikes is a plus for this product. If you’re looking for an easy option, this kickstand should be on your list.

Floor stands

CyclingDeal 5 Floor Stands

The second popular bike rack you can find in the market is the floor stands bike rack. It is perfect to set up in the big garage or hallways. All you have to do is put your wheels in the rack, and you’re all set for it.

This CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand would be a great option for your family bikes since it can keep up to 5 bikes in sizes individually or together. With only 10 lbs, it’s not hard to set up this rack along with your house and garage. The steel frame also ensures durable and long-time usage.


Stoneman Sports DBR-820 Freestanding

You may find this bike rack looks like furniture or shelf to hang things, but this would be the best option for the small garage or especially your low ceiling that can’t mount the rack. Another note for the rack that I like the most is it’s not necessary to install the rack.

The Stoneman Sports 2-Bike rack can be adjusted and hangs 2 bikes with total weight around 80 lbs. The steel frame will assure the durable and prevent your garage from grease or dirt. In sum, the freestanding bike rack is still the best one to save the space along with the messy garage in every house.

Wall mounts

Noa Store Bike Wall Mount Rack

Another good option for the small spaces garage that hangs the bike separated from the floor. You can also see different materials on the wall mount bike rack. Either with one hook, a tray, hanger, hinges, or horizontal mount, they all do a job to hang the bike on the wall.

This wall mount from Noa Store gets the simple design that would work perfectly on your road bike with 2 hooks. It’s easy to install the rack since there are only 2 holes to drill and stick the rack to the wall.

Hoist bike storage

Bike Lane Hoist Bike Storage

This hoist bike storage/ rack bike is a new way to store your bike by the rack that is set up on the ceiling which is suitable for a high garage. With a pulley system, you can hang and take the bike off easily without a lot of effort and tension.

With a maximum of 2 bikes storing separately, you can hang your bike either through the handlebars or the seat. This would be a good choice for one who doesn’t want to get a wall’s scratch.


And that’s pretty much what you need to consider and steps to pick and build a bike rack at home in your garage.

When you get your ideal bike rack, it’s time to order one and set it up now!